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Kitchen Remodeling in Des Moines and Central Iowa

When considering a kitchen remodel look for designs and photos that approximate what you want in magazines and cut out ideas. Take a moment and draw a sketch of your new plan. All these activities will make the process of planning and designing much easier. EBC Hardware Hank can help you take those great ideas and bring them to life. As you move toward your goal of a remodeled kitchen, you should consider reviving your existing kitchen or starting over from scratch.

Kitchen remodels are the most expensive and time consuming rooms to remodel and yet they are the most popular. A pleasant environment with lots of natural light adds to the ambiance and makes your home feel comfortable. Careful planning of the remodel project is essential to achieving your desired results.

Older homes are known for their small kitchens. Modern kitchen appliances can take up valuable space and can make cooking a meal difficult. It is possible with professional help to redesign these areas into spacious and efficient living space that blends with your home's personality.

Simply replacing what was there might restore value that has been lost in a kitchen, but if you want to increase the value of your home you’ll need to take a different course of action. In order to make good decisions on these issues, use real numbers to calculate your return. Talk to a real estate agent that specializes in your neighborhood with years of experience. These agents spend their days talking to buyers and seeing their reactions to various houses and the improvement that have been made to them. These agents have the information you want to get the most value out of a kitchen remodel.

A successful kitchen remodel design begins by identifying who uses the kitchen and for what purpose.

Important Questions to Ask before doing a Kitchen Remodel
Are you happy with your countertops?
Are your floors easy to clean?
Is the current situation “child proof” to keep children protected?
Do you have enough food storage?
Do you have enough space for cookware?
Is the task lighting ample?
Do you have enough electrical circuits and plugs.
Is your kitchen a gathering point, or just for cooking?
Are there multiple people working in the kitchen at once?

If the current layout is well suited to its intended use, you may be able to get by with a face-lift. New counter tops, flooring and modern appliances can turn your kitchen into a the shining jewel of your home. Modern appliances are surprisingly quiet, fast and work much better than their ancestors, predecessors, not to mention what they can do for the look of a kitchen. Lighter colored materials, larger floor tiles and better lighting can visually expand any kitchen.

If your kitchen is not adequate in size, counterspace, floorspace, food storage, and lighting then you may considering gutting your current kitchen and doing a full blown kitchen remodel. Your new kitchen remodel should consider the three major work areas: food preparation, cooking, and cleanup. These three items create an imaginary work triangle between the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop. Lots of counter for workspace should be placed around these main activity areas and traffic patterns should not interfere with the triangle. Your perfectly remodeled kitchen will not be the same as your neighbor's; everyone's is different. Only you know how your family uses this room.

Possible Ideas for a kitchen remodel
Radiant Heated Floors
Laminate Floors
Decorative Kitchen Tiles
Granite Counter Tops
Smart Lighting/Under-Cabinet Lighting
Maple Cabinets
Bar Tops
Double Ovens/Convection Ovens
Roll-Out Shelves
Small Office Space
Washer / Dryer

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